Youth Space

The Youth space at 42 Hanson Street continues to operate as a hangout space for 14-25yo and a base for organised activities throughout the year. From 2018, the Youth Space has been fully funded by the CNC.

Youth worker; Errol Obran, will be leading the “Polishing Gems” project through the Engage! 2018-20 funding. Through activities, projects and training to be developed in conjunction with the young people of the Upper Murray, this project will build on the core elements of the 2015-17 Engage project “Get a Grip” and more specifically from the Resilience Project – Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness.

Overall, the project aims to improve young people’s skills; preparedness for further education & employment; connectedness with their peers, family & community, to improve well-being and resilience.

Local youths are encouraged to come into the CNC or speak to Errol about the types of activities, projects or training they’d like to take part in or receive sponsorship for.


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