Upper Murray Community Bakery

The Upper Murray Community Bakery is a CNC Social Enterprise – the first of its kind in the area. The enterprise was created to increase the opportunities for work based training in our community and support the ongoing operating costs of the CNC

After developing a business plan which addressed the CNC’s and the community’s expectations and needs, the CNC purchased the town’s bakery in June 2015 and, July 2015, started the Upper Murray Community Bakery. The bakery provides sustainable funding for the CNC as well as employment and training opportunities; an opportunity for the CNC to put into action the business and community model it had been trying to encourage across the Upper Murray and addresses needs identified by the Towong Shire 2030 Vision Plan.

The bakery had an 11% increase in sales in its 1st year and a 28% increase in its 2nd. Contributing over $83,000 to CNC operations in its first 2 years of trading. To ensure that these funds will be sustainably and effectively utilised within the Upper Murray, the Upper Murray Innovation Foundation (UMIF) was established as a Community Foundation operated by the CNC in June 2016.

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